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Food Safety Consulting Services

We render appended services on a call basis and Annual Service Contract. Implementing food spoilage,..

Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Logger

Bluetooth-enabled loggers Low-cost, fully integrated soil moisture loggers with Bluetooth wireless d..

Temperature/Alarm Data Logger

A miniature, value-priced, waterproof data logger for temperature monitoring applications. The HOBO ..

External Temperature/RH Sensor Data Logger

A weatherproof data logger with external temperature and relative humidity sensors. Leveraging Blue..


The Multiparameter Instruments enclose in only one pH meter and conductivity meter functions, in t..

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

An elegant and ergonomic IP 57 watertight container, with a practical soft rubber shell, contains th..

Conductivity Meter

The conductivity meters are digital instruments useful to measure electrical conductivity in liqui..

pH Meter

The pH measurement is important in every field of application like agricultural and soil analysis la..

Fume Hood

Laboratory Ducted Fume Hood   The primary goal of the Fume Hood is to protect operators and lab..

Biological Safety Cabinet

Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet   This products belong to Class II A2 biological safety c..

Laminar Air Flow Cabinet

Laminar Flow Cabinet   Laminar Flow Cabinet is a work bench or similar enclosure, which creates..

Indoor Temperature/RH Data Logger

Temperature/RH Data Logger Bluetooth Low energy (BLE)   Temperature/RH Data Logger data logger ..

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