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The conductivity meters are digital instruments useful to measure electrical conductivity in liquids. The conductivity is a very important parameter in water analysis. Conductivity meters are used in chemical industry, laboratory, typography, school and University, waste water treatment, cooling towers and boilers.


Our range of conductivity meters includes a full range of bench and portable instruments for measurement in laboratory and field applications.


Large display, simultaneous indication of conductivity and temperature, indication of stability and calibration data.


All instruments have an IP 57 certification to guarantee a good protection on field applications.


Conductivity probes and measurement of conductivity :

The measurement of conductivity is done through a probe called conductivity cell that connected to the conductivimeter, plunged in the sample, the value measured is in µS/cm or mS/cm.

There are different cells for different range of measurements:

Cell with constant C=1, range of measurement 10 µS … 10 mS

Cell with constant C=0.1, range of measurement 0,1 µS … 1 mS

Cell with constant C=10, range of measurement 100 µS … 200 mS


Like every physical parameter also the conductivity is influenced by the temperature variation so for this reason many conductivity cell include inside temperature sensor to compensate this variation.


Thanks to temperature compensation, it’s possible to give a conductivity value at only one temperature of referement ( normally 20°C or 25°C) independent by real temperature of the sample.




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