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We deals different type of glass Hydrometer, Thermometer and Butyrometer.



The hydrometer is a measuring instrument used to determine the density or the specific weight of liquids. There are different type of hydrometers for different applications. Hydrometers use the Archimedean principle to measure the density or specific gravity of a liquid. The hydrometer displaces liquid and thus sinks into it depending on the density. This simple principle allows very accurate measurements to be achieved with minimal effort. Due to the high glass quality, the hydrometers are easy to clean and their scales always remain clearly legible.


Soil Hydrometer  ASTM standard, EU origin

Without Thermometer, paper scale with type designation, shot weighted body, accuracy ±1 scale division, in transparent plastic case.

ASTM, 152H-62, -5+60:1g/l, ref. temp. 68/68°F, without therm., 280mm long



General-Lab Thermometers are Liquid-in Glass. They are available in mercury- and non-mercury-filled models, with partial or total immersion and a variety of °C and °F temperature, ranges to choose from. Room thermometer, maximum/minimum thermometer, dry & wet thermometer and immersion thermometer are available with us.



Measuring device for the fat determining content in milk and milk products.