Product Automatic burette

Product of :

Standard type, tolerance 1.5 times of the official tolerance of class AS

  • Improved special pinch cock with titration screw for precise regulation
  • Plastic burette clamp, chemical-resistant, allows discharge drop by drop by slightly pushing
  • Storage bottles made of polyethylene, with plastic base,filling of the burette by slightly pressing the bottle, in doing so automatic zero point adjustment
  • Plastic tubing as riser
  • Upper part of the burette is closed, design like the Pellet titration burette; thus soiling is being avoided
  • Burette with Schellbach stripe and fused graduation “ASSISTENT-PERMANENT”, calibrated, faceted outlet tip


Division           Tolerance                   Capacity                 Bottle Capacity

0.1 ml                 0.100 ml                     50 ml                           1000 ml


For other capacity, please contact us.