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Are you worried to measure moisture content of Grain and Seed?


Grains Moisture Meter (WILE 55)


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The Wile 55 is a digital moisture meter that gives the moisture percent of whole grains and seeds. It displays the moisture content of the material in weight percent. The measurement range for grain and seeds is 8-35%, and for oil seed is 5-25%.


WILE 55 has an easy-to-read LCD display and automatic temperature compensation that is used by the internal temperature sensor for both grains and the equipment itself. The user can precisely calibrate the device and match the readings to those from other meters.


Using a moisture meter you can quickly establish whether grains are about to go bad, while, It protects against mold formation and reduces drying costs.


Technical Data


Measurement Range

  • Grain and seeds 8-35%
  • Oil seeds 5-25%

Temperature range

  • In use:  0-40°C
  • Storage:  -20-60°C

Accuracy:  +/- 0.5 % moisture with normal grain

Power source

  • 9 Volt battery (IEC 6F22)

Included with the meter:

  • Protective carrying case with strap
  • Users manual
  • 9 Volt battery


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