Product Environmental & Agricultural Monitoring

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Ecological studies, soil analyses, climate surveys, and other environmental investigations are supported through the use of monitoring and data collection, allowing for more complete and accurate assessments.

Onset data loggers, weather stations, and software provide environmental scientists with dependable tools for collecting the full range of environmental data, leading to a better understanding of environmental conditions.

Agricultural research is an important driver within the agricultural industry, providing data and intelligence that is leading to better practices, improved crop quality, and greater productivity.

Onset monitoring tools and sensors offer access to a range of soil and environmental data, providing agricultural operations with accurate and reliable information for making smarter crop-management decisions.


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Weather Monitor Solutions

Simply, user can configure as per their needs.

Different options to choose data loggers, types of sensors and accessories are available.


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          External Temperature/RH Sensor Data Logger

           We offer a selection of Temperature/relative humidity data logging solutions, from stand-alone data loggers to

           external sensors that plug into external channels.

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          Temperature Data Loggers & Sensors – Outdoor

          We offer various type of data logger and sensors for different applications of outdoor use. User can select the

          product as per their application.

          Environmental Air Temperature

          Water Temperature

          Soil Temperature

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          Soil Moisture and Temperature Data Logger

          Low-cost, fully integrated soil moisture loggers with Bluetooth wireless data offload. Available in two models –

          one that measures soil moisture (HOBO MX2306) and one that measures both soil moisture and temperature

          (HOBO MX2307) – these loggers are ideal for researchers and growers looking for the accurate data they need

          to save water, improve crop yields, reduce harmful runoff, and protect ecosystems.

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          Temperature/RH Data Logger

          A weatherproof data logger with built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors, leveraging Bluetooth for

          easy setup and data download.


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Water Level Data Logger

Across many fields, tracking water level is more critical than ever to remediate the impacts of climate change and meet our ever-increasing demand for water. Known for their ease of use, reliable performance and affordability, versatile HOBO data loggers are the trusted tools to help you protect and manage water storage and ecosystem health by monitoring water levels, from agriculture to aquatic ecology.


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Water Temperature Monitoring

Water plays a fundamental role in our world’s industries, ecosystems, and communities. By monitoring water temperature, scientists can protect the health of aquatic life, engineers can determine critical process temperatures, and aquaculture farmers can identify optimal growing conditions.


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